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About Greycell

Diligent work and investing in long term services, assets and products has allowed Greycell to grow from a small, owner run business. From humble beginning: Starting in the laundry, next to the washing machine where the owner would begin cold calling potential clients and asking them if they wanted a website, and hoping for the best. And when the phone rang, it was a scramble to switch off the washing machine quickly as we didn't want to look unprofessional! :).

Times have changed since those days in 2002.
Now, we're a geographically diverse company with offices in two SA cities. We have thousands of clients, teams of support and admin staff, strong partnerships with our many upstream providers and a healthy, sustainable, adaptable business.

We believe that hard work, passion and a bit of smarts can make you a success regardless of who you are or where you come from.

We are here to help our clients excel in business.

Business Information Services

Things change, economies go up and down, technology adapts
and Greycell remains dedicated to the success of our clients.

We offer: Outsourced admin. IT consulting. Web hosting. Domain name registrations. Website design Site builders. SAAS.

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